Company Overview

TargetEx (formerly known as RecomGenex) was founded in 2002 by an integrated discovery chemistry provider who teamed up with academic researchers with expertise in recombinant technologies. At the beginning RecomGenex was a molecular biology and recombinant protein expression service company. In 2007 TargetEx became an independent company offering complex services in the early phase of drug discovery. Core competences of the company were protein expression, cell and target-based assay development and HT screening. During the last few years, the importance of screening became lower while our focus moved toward protein expression and its different applications e.g. support in developing human and animal recombinant subunit vaccines. TargetEx’ another new business line is the production of various enzymes for kits used in molecular biology and human diagnostics (e.g. qPCR kits). In 2018 we established an ISO 9001 quality control management system for recombinant protein production, purification and analytics. This work is done in close cooperation with PCR Biosystems (UK). Their task is the manufacturing of the kits and the distribution of the final products wordwide.


TargetEx Ltd.

H-2120 Dunakeszi Madách Imre u 31/2.


Zsolt Lőrincz, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


Tel.: +36-30-352-9529

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