TargetEx (formerly known as RecomGenex) was founded in 2002 by the integrated discovery chemistry provider ComGenex who teamed up with academic researchers with expertise in recombinant technologies. At the beginning RecomGenex was a molecular biology and recombinant protein expression service company. In 2007 TargetEx became an independent company offering complex services in the early phase of drug discovery. Core competences of the company are protein expression, cell and target-based assay development and HT screening.

TargetEx has extensive experience in protein engineering and expressing gene sequences across various expression systems as well as in assay development and HT screening. We have developed proprietary technologies (e.g. RefoldAll™) to increase the efficiency of drug discovery and development. Commercially, TargetEx offers clients 'off the shelf' services and collaborative research and development. We understand the importance of confidentiality and communication in exploring and operating research projects. We encourage direct scientist to scientist communication at all stages in order to provide timely feedback on the progress of the project. We believe that our suite of advanced protein and screening facilities can deliver cost-effective solutions throughout your developmental efforts.